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Banana Smoothie Recipe, How To Prepare?

The banana smoothie recipe is easy and fast to make. It’s deliciously thick and creamy when blending up. It is rich in potassium and much filled with banana flavor. If you love the smoothies made of banana, you can also peanut butter banana prepared in our previous recipe in our previous article. On your counter, if you find having more bananas than you can consume have these choices.

  • You can Make bread made of bananas
  • Or freeze them to use later in the smoothies.

The bananas that are ripe with some brown few spots are excellent for bread baking and adding into your high-speed blender for smoothies. This is because they are naturally sweet.

I found myself walking in love with banana smoothies and has become my lifestyle during the weekend and even some days in between the week. It’s an amazing, yummy, and creamy smoothie. I always, make this with simple ingredients in my recipe. In my kitchen, I have these ingredients always to make banana smoothie anytime I feel like.

You can make this smoothie with a frozen bananas bit as well you can utilize unfrozen bananas that are ripe in a pinch. The frozen bananas help the smoothie to be chill making it even more thick and creamy. This is similar to a milkshake. Let’s dive into our beautiful kitchen mix up the ingredients and come up with our creamy banana smoothie.


  • Bananas: the sweetness of your blended smoothie will be determined by the ripeness of your bananas. The more ripe bananas are, the sweeter the bananas. If possible prefer to use frozen banana as they make your smoothie thick and creamy. If you could have failed to plan, use ripens bananas but add some few ice cubes.
  • Greek yogurt; I prefer having Greek yogurt to make my smoothie. Why? To make it low in sugar and you can make use of vanilla yogurt instead.
  • Milk; you can also use the milk of your choice. Almond milk as well as oat milk are better.
  • Vanilla; when you add vanilla in small amounts, gives your smoothie a flavor of sweetness as well as delicious to your banana smoothie. Opt not to use it if you are using Greek yogurt.


Much of what you have to do is to have your ingredients ready and put them in your high-speed blender. 

Banana Smoothie
  • Have one frozen ingredient in your smoothie. You can prefer banana. The frozen fruits or veggies helps to make your smoothie thick and chill. 
  • At first, don’t add much liquid. But you can add more as you continue to have the desired result
  • Continue layering the smoothie ingredients for the blending efficiency. If your smoothie contains some greens, to give your blender a head start let them settle at the bottom of the blender. The same applies to raw oats and nuts as well as frozen fruits. 
  • On top of fruits, add Nut butter and yogurt and veggies to prevent them from sticking at the bottom of the blender.
  • Start blending and ensure to start with low speed increasing the speed to top speed as the smoothie start to blend in the mixture.
  • In the process of blending you may stop to stir or shake to mix the ingredients. Is that possible to find an air bubble that prevents your blender from mixing the smoothie?
  • Serve, and enjoy if you are satisfied with the look of your smoothie. You may prefer to add some more milk if need to insist. 

That how to prepare your banana smoothie to enjoy and prepare even more for your family. The hero in your kitchen and bring out the best your cooking to your friends as well.

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