Best Vegetable Smoothie for Home


I wondered the same before I landed on the internet and lead one of the articles like this regarding green goodness smoothie. What a fantastic and delicious recipe? Basically, a green smoothie is a drink that is blended mainly from vegetable greens, fruits, or both in combination. What an awesome filling with a silky and yummy green goodness smoothie, this will leave you insane craving for more. I found consuming green goodness smoothie healthy, fun making for my own keeping reasonable portions, easy making and fast, and most of all pretty delicious. You don’t want to be left out by this pretty healthy breakfast smoothie awesomeness. 

Best Vegetable Smoothie, How To Prepare At Home


It’s advisable to have a green goodness smoothie in the morning as a breakfast. The secrets are to have the best ingredients of your choice keeping portions that are reasonable. For a healthy morning breakfast smoothie, I consider making one with low in sugar, healthy fats, high in protein and fiber so as to stay full. It’s super-fast and amazing, easy to make a delicious smoothie for your breakfast.

Wondering what best ingredients to select for your smoothie concoction? Stress yourself not because this article provides you with the best ingredients for your healthy breakfast green goodness smoothie. Fast and foremost, options are many for what you can add in your smoothie because there is a positive benefit from any category of an ingredient of your choice.

Best Vegetable Smoothie, How To Prepare At Home


  • Veggies: vegetables like avocado, carrots, kale, and spinach can be your choice for your smoothie. Most commonly used for a green smoothie is spinach. It contains numerous benefits to your health as it is the reach of vitamins and minerals that are helpful to your skin and fitting off illness.(other greens may be included like kales)
  • Liquid: water that is plain, coconut water, almond milk that is unsweetened, even juice though you have to use it in moderation because it contains a lot of sugar and fiber that is low.
  • Fiber and protein: add your favorite choice of your protein powder as well as oatmeal, tablespoon for fiber.
  • Fats: just one tablespoon of nut butter, coconut milk, or chia seeds create a better satisfying smoothie concoction that keeps your belly full between the meals.
  • Fruits: you can select the fruits of your custom mix, for instance, pineapple, mangos, apples, or peaches.

Those are the just but a few ingredients for a healthy green goddess smoothie for your morning breakfast.


 A green smoothie is not only healthy to take in the morning but also can be of benefit in detoxifying your body (weight loss). For weight loss, a healthy green goddess smoothie will help you trim down really fast and blot reduction. As I mentioned earlier before it’s easy to make a recipe of green smoothie. Having all the ingredients of your choice, all you need is a blender. Add them into the blender, under high speed blend them until they are smooth. Out of your blender servers them and enjoy.



  • Baby spinach (2cups)
  • Coconut water (1 cup)
  • 1 cup ice
  • Grounds flax seeds( 2 tablespoons)
  • Flesh avocado (2 tablespoons)
  • Peeled ripe banana (1 small)
  • Pears, cored and chopped (2 small pears are enough)
  • Leaves of romaine lettuce (5 large leaves )


After having your ingredients prepared wash them all. Prepare them for blender. In your high

Speed blender adjusts to low speed. Put all your ingredients into the blender. Blend them as you increase the speed up to 60 seconds. If needed and more purified water.

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