Celery Smoothie Recipe for Breakfast

Celery smoothie is a green vegetable as well as fruit smoothie which is very healthy to take for breakfast. Today in our kitchen we are going to learn how we can make a healthy celery smoothie. This is what I like tacking during the summer, something quick to make and healthy during breakfast. I always run to and embrace this delicious smoothie for my family and when we are together with my friends.

Let me first of all share with you why I love smoothies before we can make one together. When preparing smoothies, you can experiment with any type of fruit and vegetables available, and there you are, your smoothie is ready. When you don’t have time to prepare for your breakfast, wholesome smoothies can be your option. They are savvier for such days.

Having all your ingredients ready, place all of them in a blender and blend them to get a delicious smoothie.

Celery is one of the most nutritious vegetables and it is much rich in vitamins and minerals, thus giving it many health benefits. It is the habit of many people to drink a shot of celery juice in the morning with an empty stomach as it helps digestion. But some may have a problem consuming this way, this smoothie may be a great option.

Let’s see how we can celery smoothie in our home kitchen.

Celery Smoothie Recipe

Ingredients For Celery Smoothie

  • Chopped celery stalk (four are enough)
  • One banana
  • Ginger (one)
  • Orange juice

Guidelines For Smoothie

  • Into your blender put all your ingredients and blend them until you see it smooth.
  • Serve it immediately

Point to note

  • Add dates if you want to increase the sweetness in the smoothie
  • You can also use a variety of fruits or vegetables like strawberries and parrots and test the taste of this smoothie.

What are the Benefits and the Side Effect of Celery Smoothie?

Celery health benefits are as much as the sand of the see but consuming a lot of celery can also be harmful to your body. You wonder how? Let’s understand how this is harmful. Consuming excess celery can lead to allergic reactions. Skin inflammation and sunburn are some of the side effects coursed by celery.

Though celery intake will offer your body salt content and with low calories, it can also lead to malnutrition. It is also rich in fibre which is helpful to your body but much consumption will take you to bloat and other digestive problems.

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