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Corn Nugget Recipes- Deliciously and Sweety

Roasted corn filters are the same as the roasted corn nugget recipes. it is the quickest appetizer you can ever take. It goes well with fluffy as well as airy fritter batter that is mixed with green onions as well as dipped in sriracha Moyo source.

These fresh fritters corn is very sweet and summery comfort for the bite-size form these are the best corn.

The reason why I love this recipe is because it’s delicious and will actuary change your life with its sweetness especially for the summertime. The corn ears should be yellow-white bi-colored sweet or even starchy.

Let’s see how we can make this roasted corn nuggets in our kitchen. What are the required ingredients?

Corn Nugget Recipes How To Prepare It At Home Yourself


  • one cup of milk
  • six ounces flour (all-purpose)
  • two ounces cornmeal
  • half tablespoon salt
  • three eggs separated
  • one ounces sugar
  • two ears corn
  • two tablespoon mayo
  • one teaspoon sriracha
  • squeeze lime juice
  • half tablespoon baking powder


  • You should turn your oven to broil or set your grill to have medium heat. Put into the oven or grill after oiling the ears of the corn. Roast the corn until they are caramelized for around 10 to 15 minutes. Allow them cool before you can cut the kernels and put them into the batter.
  • In the meantime, combine eggs yolk with milk.
  • Sift the ingredients that are dry together and add the wet ingredient to the dry. Mix until in fully mixed and allow the batter rest for one hour.
  • Begin egg white mixing on a medium speed until soft peaks are achieved.
  • Preheat oil in a source pot that is medium on a medium heat as well.
  • If happens to have a fat fryer that is deep, heat to 350 degrees.
  • add your corn as well as scallions to the batter
  • You can fold the egg white in. work in the quarter and bring the bottom to the top as well as you clockwise.
  • Scoop the fritters into the oil that is hot and give it enough room to swim each other. Once one side becomes golden brown. This takes about three to five minutes.
  • drain on to the paper golden towels and add some salt
  • Dip your corn into sriracha mayo and proceed to enjoy.
  • That how simple to cook the roasted corn nugget or fritters. Keep doing this for your delicious nuggets for summertime and you will find it fun.

Roosted corn nuggets are delicious and fun to make especially when you are making for the family during the weekend. It’s also sweat enjoying together with your friends in your matrimonial house or any other place in gathering. Go ahead and makes some more be a hero in your kitchen and proof what you can do with these ingredients.

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