Creamy Rice Pudding Recipe

Whenever I have a craving for something sweet in taste after every meal. I eat creamy rice pudding recipe. Do you have these cravings too? Then definitely this recipe is going to hit your table especially. Also, it gives a flavor like a yummy custard too. Further, after preparing it, cinnamon is also sprinkled over it to give it a particular taste. It is so creamy, so yummy and so smooth as a result.

Furthermore, It seems awkward for some people to have rice but also pudding in the same dish, if so, then you must try this out because you are definitely going to love it a lot. Meanwhile, coconut milk is being used to give it a creamy texture too. It takes a little more time as well because rice has to get into the milk and give a smooth taste. Also, It will take an hour on the stove. An hour is a time that takes it to cook it, yet it is not quick in cooking but is delicious absolutely. It can be served cold or hot as well.

Creamy Rice Pudding Recipe, How To Make It At Home


On the other hand, coconut milk has a high texture and consistency. And you can add 4 cans of the milk to make it more thicken and ¾ cup rice. Also, cook it and make a thick textured custard that is rich in taste.

As a result, it totally feels like a custard with no rice particles in it, rice is completely being melted in the milk to give a thick custard paste additionally.


• Take 3/4 a cup of (150g) Basmati Rice.
• Take 4 oz. Of Cans Coconut Milk. Almost 4 cans.
• Take 1 cup of Water (240ml)
• Take 1/4 cup of White Sugar
• 1/4 cup of Brown Sugar
• 1/2 tsp Salt as needed
• 1/2 tsp of Vanilla Extract
• 2 Tbsp. Of Vegan butter


• Firstly, take a large pot and add as well as basmati rice, coconut milk, water, white sugar, and also brown sugar and salt in it. Now boil this milk regularly further.

• Secondly, now whirl the heat down so that the milk can boil on it on medium heat again. Also, cook it for 50 minutes after covering the pot so at
last a thick consistent and creamy custard appears.

• Thirdly, and combine the vanilla extract and also vegan butter in it. Also, spray the cinnamon additionally over it and serve it on the table either hot or cold according to your taste.

Creamy Rice Pudding Recipe, How To Make It At Home

Store it in the fridge:-

It should be noted that this quantity can make 6 cups of pudding. As well as If your family is away and you want to store it, cover it tightly firstly and store it in the fridge definitely. We can use it after days as a result.


• Moreover for easy cooking, you should take a large pot particularly, therefore, milk can be easily boiled in it for 50 minutes. As well as the
size of the pot should be two times the volume of the milk.

• And once it boils once, absolutely slow down the heat to make it consistent and thick paste in last.

• Also mix it regularly so that you may know how much consistency you want at the end. When it feels like a custard, it is ready to serve absolutely.

• We can add cinnamon at the last to give it a particular taste.

Finally, the rice pudding is ready. Serve it and enjoy it with your family absolutely. Bon appetite.

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