Frittata Sweet Potato – 40 Minutes Recipe

Running short of food? Do you need something very flavorful? I am going to set up a recipe for the sweet potato frittata. This is going to set start on the stove and it gets ready in the oven. Do u want vegetarian sweet potato frittata, in which onions, sweet potatoes, tomatoes loaded on the melted mozzarella cheese?

Whenever I am tired, I am going to do something very tasty and quick in making. This time if frittata. You can say it is my favorite and go-to recipe whenever I am hungry. So Loaded with tons of veggies and cheese which are going to melt in the mouth.

Incredible! I feel hungry. One more great thing about it. It can be reheated anytime so don’t hesitate to freeze the leftovers in the freezer and cook them having hunger pans.

Kale Frittata and Vegetarian Sweet Potato - 40 Minutes Recipe

Note the tick-tock!

Preparation time: is 10 minutes
Cooking tie: is 30 minutes,
In total: 40 minutes
Serving: Of 4 persons.

Let’s go for its prescription
It is my favorite lunch and brunch food. So easy to cook and
captivating to serve.

Ingredients are following;

  1. Take 6 large eggs.
  2. 2 tablespoon milk
  3. Now take according to your flavor, salt, and pepper and, creak it.
  4. 2 tablespoon olive oil needed.
  5. 2 garlic and grind it.
  6. Take two sweet potatoes, shave them off, and chopped.
  7. Two cups of crushed kale.
  8. 1 cup of tomatoes, cut them into small pieces.
  9. 1/3 cup of mozzarella cheese needed and tear it off.

Description of recipe:-

1-First of all, preheat the oven a 350F°approximately.
2- Additionally Take a bowl and mix eggs and blend them and now add salt and pepper according to your tang.
3- Now take an iron skillet and place oil and heat it at a medium to low heat. Now garlic is added until it is cooked and the essence of the olive oil
is changed. After a particular aroma, put all the potatoes and the onions in the olive oil till the time that the potatoes are completely cooked
and their color is changed to light brown. So Give it almost 8-10 minutes. Now add kale to this skillet and give it 2 minutes, swirl it periodically. Eggs
and the tomatoes are now till then the tomatoes are cooked. At the very end, now drizzle all the cheese you want on the top.

4- Now place this bowl in the oven. So all the cheese will melt and all the veggies cook. So put it in the oven for ten minutes straight.
5 So Frittata is ready, bring it out from the oven and
cut it into wedges and serve this on your table.

Kale Frittata and Vegetarian Sweet Potato - 40 Minutes Recipe
  • Calories:-
  • Frittata contains this much calories;
  • 180k cal in total.
  • Carbohydrates: 9.12g
  • Fat: 12.94g
  • Proteins: 7.5g

So the sweet potato frittata is ready. So now Enjoy it with your family and friends at dine-in. Watch the movies while putting the leftovers in the fridge and enjoy your life. Whenever needed, grab the leftovers and get it ready in 30 minutes just and don’t forget to check out our 30 minutes recipe of delicious Grilled Sweet Potatoes

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