Homemade French Toast Easy Preparation at Home

Undoubtedly, the Homemade french toast recipe is my actual favorite recipe which I also enjoy cooking. Also, Sprinkle it with maple syrup, it is rich in taste and it has something extraordinary in taste also. Whenever on the weekends, guests are coming, I love to serve them at my table without any doubt. In addition, Serving it with a cup of coffee and a bowl of fruits and some syrups can definitely add flavor to the table.

Homemade French Toast, How To Make It At Home

Milk for Homemade French toast:-

Unquestionably, French toast which is made with heavy cream is my favorite. These are the following creams at this time that can be used in making French toast.
• Heavy cream
• Whole milk cream too
• Also Skim milk cream
• Also Half and half cream

Sweeteners to add sweetness in a toast:-

Particularly, I have made this recipe with almost all of these sweeteners. They add extra flavor to it undoubtedly.
The following are the sweeteners.
• Maple syrup
• Honey
• Coconut sugar
• Granulated sugar
• Confectioners sugar

The bread used for French toast:-

We can use white sandwich bread to make the toast. Or take the brioche or challah bread. In addition, Texas bread can also be used.

What adds thickness to batter:-

Flour is added to the batter, it gives it thickness and gives more flavor to the bread furthermore.


Firstly, we can make this recipe with very simple ingredients. Simple ingredients extract the pressure of a long list of buying ingredients and as well as budget indeed. For this reason, I love this also. On Sundays, I just
get up and knew today will be my favorite breakfast on the table definitely.

• Egg
• Whole Milk
• Vanilla Extract
• Cinnamon (it is optional)
• Nutmeg (it is optional)
• Granulated Sugar
• All-Purpose Flour
• Salt


Steps are super easy;

• Firstly, Whip the batter completely to smoothen it into one whole mixture especially.

• Secondly, Take a shallow dish and also spill the batter in it. It will easily coat the bread definitely.

• Thirdly, Heat the griddle to medium heat. Now place the toast on it. They just take one minute to cook on both sides of the toast without any doubt.

• Before keeping the toast on the griddle, sprinkle the griddle with butter also.

• Finally, In the batter, bread is dipped for also 15 seconds on each side so it soaks batters

Homemade French Toast, How To Make It At Home

How to make this recipe free of dairy:-

Nevertheless, For the dairy-free recipe, coconut oil or almond oil can also be used to substitute the milk. Instead of sprinkle the butter on the griddle, you can sprinkle coconut oil or almond oil on it also.
Can we freeze toast?
Yes! A big yes! Definitely! It can also be easily frozen and it makes a freezer breakfast which is great in texture and very easy to heat further. So To freeze it, cook the French toast and let it cool. Finally, then line it on the baking sheet. You can make layers of toast on a baking paper and separate them with the help of parchment paper. We should keep the baking sheet in the freezer until the toast is being frozen. It can be frozen for 1-2 months undoubtedly.

Nutritional facts:-
Calories: 165.6
Fat: 3.4 g
Cholesterol: 35.4 g
Sodium: 396.5 g
Protein: 5.1 g
Carbohydrate: 7.9 g

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