Kudos Granola Bars Recipe

I want to share with you this craving because it’s super strong, carving for kudos granola bars. Last week but one, my friend and I passed by a supermarket. Inside the supermarket, we rushed to the bakery side and ordered these yummy granola bars. At first, I was reluctant as my friend was the first to order. But after convinces from my friend I had no option. The first bite I was like, “oh my, it’s so sweet and yummy”. To date, I have eaten more than ten, not with my friend but ordering by myself.  

How To Prepare Granola Bars

I have gone the extra mile of making homemade kudos granola bars in my home. It’s a nice experience to make and granola bars are super fantastic. Granola bars are chewy, nutty, sweet, and studded with the perfect amount of chocolate chips. Is filled with ingredient wholesomeness like pepitas, oats, and nut butter. I can’t stop mentioning how healthy granola bars are for breakfast and also as evening snacks.

To make granola bars in your home you only require seven basic ingredients to have it one.

  • Cashew butter or natural peanut: the purpose is to bide together the bars. It’s rich in protein, fats, and nutty flavor.
  • Honey: it helps all the ingredients stick together along with nut butter. In this recipe its warm the warm amber flavor.
  • Whole rolled oats: the work of this ingredient is to give the recipe a chewy texture. If you are gluten-free, make sure that you utilize certified gluten-free oats.
  • Vanilla extract: it amps up the bars warm flavor.
  • Sea salt; to make all the rich, sweet, and nutty
  • Pepitas, crushed peanuts, or cashews; they add healthy fats and as well as protein and crunch
  • Mini chocolate chips: everyone loves nut butter and chocolate. Ensure the use of chocolate mini chips here, as big they are regular chocolate chips to make cohesive bars. If you have mini chocolate chips not chopped dark chocolate will work on its behalf.


This is super easy and fast to make homemade granola bars recipe. This is what to do:

  • First and foremost, together stir wet ingredients. The ingredients are cashew or peanut, honey, vanilla extract, and salt. Mix them until the honey is incorporated fully. That smile is amazing.
  • Step two folds in dry ingredients: the oats, chocolate chips, and pepitas are dry ingredients to fold with. You will notice at first the mixture is dry but keeps stirring and everything will be incorporated fully.
  • Step three is to press the bars into a parchment-lined baking pan: at the bottom of the pan, scoop the mixture and cover with a sheet of parchment paper. Press the mixture firmly to the sides of the baking pan with your hand. Use the back of a measuring cup to smooth and flatten the top of the bars.
  • Chill. For one hour transfer the mixture into the fridge and wait before you slice it and eat the bars. That’s how to make the granola bars.



  • One cup of smooth creamy peanut that is natural or cashew nut
  • A cup of honey. 2/3 is enough
  • One teaspoon vanilla extract
  • A half heaping teaspoon sea salt
  • Two and a half cups whole rolled oats
  • A third cup mini chocolate chips
  • Three tablespoon pepitas or crushed peanuts or cashews.


  • In an 8×8 baking pan line it with a parchments paper
  • Together with the peanut butter, honey, vanilla, and salt until salt.
  • Add the oats, chocolate chips, and pepitas or nuts. The mixture may seem dry first as I mention earlier in the article but continue stirring and it will come together. Keep stirring to combine and firmly press them into the pan. Use another parchment paper at the back of the measuring cup to help flatten the mixture. Chill for at least one hour then slice it into bars.
  • Keep the bars into the fridge.

Please note that you can use these vegans, the use of rising syrup is recommended instead of honey as it. The maple syrup is not sticky enough to make bars that cohesive. But it will work if you roll the mixture into energy balls instead of making bars.

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