Sboly Drip Coffee Maker, Programmable Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe, 8 Cup Coffee Pot with Timer and Strength Control


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Product Description

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Brew Strength Control

This coffee maker’s strength control function allows you to enjoy a mild savory cup, to a bold rich brew, and have it your way any time and every time, with the customizable strength control.

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Auto Shut Down

The coffee machine will automatically shut-off after completing the brewing process. Sboly’s dry-heating system offers greater protection, safety and is more durable.

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Easy to View Water Window

The coffee maker’s 40oz water reservoir is easy to fill and include the viewing panel, which reduces overflow by way of added visibility.

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Reusable Filter Basket Included

The coffee maker comes with a reusable filter basket and a removable filter holder. The accessories and thermal coffee pot are dishwasher safe.

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thermal coffee makerthermal coffee maker

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Voltage: 120V

Frequency: 60Hz

Power: 900W

Dimensions: 8.1 x 6.7 x 13.2 inches

Capacity: 40 oz (1.2L)

Brewing Temperature: ≥169 ℉

Brewing Time: 2-12 mins

Cord Length: 27 inches

Comply with LFGB/FDA food grade test

Sboly Thermal Coffee Maker

Model SYCM-1429

Helpful Hints:

Removing the lid of carafe before pouring is suggested for a better using experience. Please do not touch the top cover, or thermal insulating plate immediately the after brewing cycle to avoid scalding.The thermal coffee pot will retain a small amount of coffee that can not be poured out completely due to the insulating structure.This product can only be used with USA standard voltage 110V-120V, a voltage converter is needed if used in any other countries.

Steps to Set up Delay Brew

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Fill the water tank and add in ground coffee. Press “Hour” and “Min” to set the current time after plugging in the machine. (No need to press “On/Off”!)

Press the “Prog” button to set the automatic brewing then the “Prog” indicator light will blink. Set up the time you want it to brew by pressing “Hour” and “Min”.

Press the “Prog” button again to activate the automatic brewing, then display will revert to the current time and the “Prog” indicator light will illuminate in solid white.

Sboly_1429_A+ (11)Sboly_1429_A+ (11)

Coffee Maker with 8-Cup Thermal Carafe: The stainless steel thermal carafe is double-walled and vacuum-sealed to provide the optimal serving temperature for hours and keep the coffee fresh longer. The 40oz capacity of this coffee machine allows you to share delicious hot coffee with your family and friends any time.
24-Hour Programmable Delay Brew: Now your desires for a fresh brewed cup of coffee can be set on demand. You can wake up everyday to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and a any other time of the day you like. The digital clock with a fully automatic 24-hour programmable timer on this coffee machine is easy to set up and allows you to prepare your brew in advance.
Easy to Use with Brewing Strength Controls: The touch-screen control panel with LCD display is clearly visible and is easy to operate. From a mild savory cup, to a bold rich brew, have it your way any time and every time, with the customizable strength control.
Maximum Flavor Extraction and 30s Anti-drip Function: The internal water spout has multiple openings to dispense water evenly for extracting the best coffee flavor and aroma. The anti drip function allows the coffee to stop brewing for 30 seconds after the coffee pot has been removed. So now you can enjoy a cup of coffee before the whole batch has been brewed.
Clear Water Window and Built-in Filter Basket: The water reservoir is easy to fill and equips with a water window which offers visibility as the tank is filled. The built-in coffee filtration saves money as there is no need for paper filters. Best of all, the accessories including the coffee filter basket, filter holder, and coffee pot are dishwasher safe.


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