Quick Lunch Ideas for a healthy life

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day however, many people neglect lunch. But it should be noted here that lunch is an important meal just like breakfast. Lunch raises the blood sugar level in the middle of the day and helps you to focus on your work for the rest of the afternoon.5 minute lunches can be made by anyone!

It is proven that people who skip lunch tend to gain more weight because they overeat during dinner time to compensate for lunch.

Finding time in the mid of your working hours when you are working from home could be a challenging task. And if you are teaching your kids, preparing lunch could be a hard task too. You need a delicious healthy food to regain the energy for the rest of the day.

Why Quick Lunch Ideas?

Just like breakfast, lunch is also an important meal for staying healthy. Following are some of the potential benefits of lunch:

  • Lunch re-energies your body
  • Raise blood sugar levels
  • Helps you in focusing your work
  • It keeps your metabolism active

This easy, delicious, and super-fast recipe will help you in preparing your quick lunch ideas if you are working from home or have less time due to some other reasons.

There are hundreds of options for healthy food in minimal time. This easy 5-minute quick lunch ideas recipe is perfect for a busy day.

Super Quick Chicken Wrap with Sweet Potatoes, Salad Leaves, and Tomatoes Lunch

quick lunch ideas

Serves: 2

Prep: 5 Minutes

For this recipe, use leftover chicken from your last meat, multi-grains wraps, and a salad of your choice.

INGREDIENTS FOR Quick Lunch Ideas:

Following are the ingredients that we will be using for this super-fast, easy quick lunch idea:

  • 100 g sweet potato
  • Olive oil
  • 2 multigrain wrap
  • 200 g boiled and shredded chicken
  • Salad leaves
  • Tomatoes
  • Olives
  • Black pepper
  • Salt for taste
  1. Mash already boiled sweet potatoes to make them smooth
  2. Divide the mashed potatoes evenly between two wraps
  3. Now take a bowl and add shredded chicken into it
  4. Add salt and pepper into the chicken
  5. Then spread salad leaves, tomatoes, and olives over the wraps
  6. Add the prepared chicken in the wrap
  7. Fold the wrap and serve immediately
  8. Wrap in baking parchment or foil for later use
Ideas for Wrap fillings

You could assemble your wrap fillings according to your taste preferences. Following are the ideas for wrap fillings:

Pickle, onion, and cheese wrap filling

Add some pickles, onions, and cheese to make a delicious wrap filling to prepare your lunch.

Tuna crunch wrap filling

If you love tuna, then this wrap filling is for you.

Colorful chicken salad wrap filling

As the name refers, colorful chicken salad wrap you can add a salad of your own choice in the wrap filling that satisfies your appetite as well as gives several nutritional benefits.

Hot and spicy chicken wrap filling

If you love spices, then this chicken wrap filling is for you.

We hope this super-quick, easy, and nutritious recipe will help you.

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