Salmon With Green Beans and Tomatoes At Home

Are you looking for something extra? Something extra in extra? Something extra in flavor, something extra in aroma? You are on the right page. I assure you this will rock your table and adds extra essence to your dinner. Roasted Salmon with Green Beans and Tomatoes are my biggest craze. I love to make them in dinners and serve them on the table.

So you are having the crave of the seafood? Oh, man! I just love them out. I just love the scent of seafood. It is always a great choice in family dinners or formal meetings. I just know very clearly, what to cook on these occasions, seafood is the go-to recipe always. Salmons are favorite in every flavor. And present it with some beans and tomatoes, you know it just enhances its
tastes and flavor.

For all the formal gatherings and the friend get-togethers, it is the best dish to serve and get the attention of everyone out there. You are going to not only get attention but also will be praised out there. For me, it is the best dish to serve in family dinners. Beans are full of proteins and full of hygiene. I assure you it will be a great dish. Try this out and enjoy the

Salmon With Green Beans and Tomatoes At Home

Note your time ;
Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 5 minutes
Total time: 20 minutes
Yield: 4 people


6 clove of garlic
1 lb. Of green beans needed
1 pt. Of grape tomatoes needed
1/2 c. Of pitted Kalamata olives needed
3 anchovy fillets needed
2 tbsp. Of olive oil needed
kosher salt according to taste needed
Pepper according to taste needed
1 skinless salmon fillet needed


 First of all heat the oven up to 425° F. Now sprinkle the garlic, beans, tomatoes, and add olives and anchovies on the baking sheet. Now add 1 tbsp. Of the ¼ teaspoon pepper. Nor cook it until all the vegetables are turned into light brown for 12-15 minutes.

 Now take a large skillet and heat oil in it on medium heat. Now put the salmon and sprinkle the salt and pepper over it. Now cook it until it gets golden brown in shade. Cook it on both sides. Now it is ready and serves it with vegetables on the table.

Nutritional Information (per serving): About 330 calories in the total present, 15 g of fat (3 g saturated), 31 g of protein, 445 mg of sodium, 15 g of carb, 5 g of fiber, now the salmon is ready with the vegetables and ready to give you flavor. Vegetables add more color to the dish but also increases the protein intake of the food. Proteins are the best for a healthy diet. Therefore it makes a perfect dish, not only in taste but also great in calorie intake in total. So you can say it would be a great dish in every aspect of a healthy diet. Enjoy the party! Bon appetite!

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