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Sunny Eggs, Your Wonderful Recipe For Weekends

The weekend is here. There is no work and you want to do something new in the kitchen to kick the time and making your family happy. Then this is the best recipe. our wonderful recipe for weekends, “Flower power sunny side eggs”. So it looks attractive which grasps the attention of the kids in the family and makes it their favorite food.

I love eggs. I mean I adore them. But this kind of eggs, I haven’t tried before, but when I tried they are on my top list. Therefore Eggs are part of daily breakfast in one form or the other.

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Flower power sunny side eggs

Mornings are best if breakfast is best. We have to rush to work, always in a hurry in the mornings. So this kind of dish attracts the attention and gives you a roller coaster to your day to make u assure that life is better. I mean the food is everything, great food, colorful breakfast, healthy lunch and light, and mouthful dinner is the pleasure of life. What else we need. We just need this.
This breakfast dish, I assure you will be a winning dish in your family. Try it out definitely. Are you excited about some nicely packed eggs in pepper rings? Let’s see its recipe and learn from it.

Sunny Eggs, Your Wonderful Recipe For Weekends

Let’s move forward;
Preparation time: 2 minutes
Cooking time:3 minutes
Total time: 5 minutes

Ingredients for sunny eggs:-

  1. Take one bell pepper in different colors of red, green, and yellow.
  2. 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil is needed.
  3. 4-5 eggs according to people.
  4. For the purpose of garnish, take parsley.


  1. First of all, take the bell pepper and cut it off. Peel all the white seeds which are present in the same and cut the pepper in prostrate shape to make 4 rings in total. The same must be done will all the pepper and gather the rings in different shades.
  2. Now the second most important thing is to take nonstick utensil. Put all the rings in the pan and spray olive oil over it. After some time, when the pepper is mildly cooked, turn them off and place the eggs in it. Let them cooked for some time and then add the black pepper according to your taste and give it a nice color.
  3. And now to present it on the table, done its garnishing with parsley which must be diced first.
  4. Now the flower power sunny side eggs are ready to serve on the table. You can try it with some bread or eat it with the fork n knife. So the choice would be yours. It will add a great colorations to your table and changes the mood in a few of seconds. Plus it adds a different and unique look.
eggs recipe

Nutritional facts:-

  • There are 215 calories in total.
  • 13g of the proteins are present.
  • 3g of the carbs are present.
  • 1g of fiber is present.
  • 390mg of sodium
  • 17g of fats are present.
  • It is a healthy food, especially in winter. Eggs keep you warm and healthy.

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