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Vegan Split Pea Soup, How To Prepare It Fast At Home

This healthy rich in protein and comforting soup is prepared using split peas the flavored ham and vegetables. This pretty healthy pea’s soup is easy to make and perfect consuming during the cold seasons. My experience with this vegan split pea soup has to be amazing and what makes the best pea soup I am going to let you know right here and right now.

First and foremost we ditch the can of the condensed split peas soup reason behind that is a slow and low simmered version of curse it’s much better a hundred times.

The second step is that the ham bone that is meaty leftover is considered an ingredient that is special to flavor our recipe. The meat and the bone ham adds as much as flavor plus it put its good use much better than tossing it.

Let’s dive in and make ourselves a homemade healthy roosted pea soup right here in our kitchen.

Vegan Split Pea Soup, How To Prepare It Fast At Home


  • One tablespoon olive oil
  • One and a half chopped yellow onion (one medium)
  • One and quarter chopped celery. (three ribs are enough)
  • one tablespoon minced garlic (one clove is enough)
  • four cups of water
  • split peas that are dried and rinsed (16 oz)
  • two bay leaves
  • one and a half tablespoon chopped fresh ground black pepper
  • One and a half lib meaty bone.
  • Chopped carrots. (one cup is enough)
  • chopped fresh carrots
  • chopped fresh garnish parsley (optional)


  • First and foremost in a large pot, allow the olive oil to heat over a heat that is medium. Add celery, as well as onions, sauté for three minutes. And garlic as well as sauté one minute longer.
  • Pour in some water and chicken broth, adding split, peas as well. Bay the leaves as well as thyme. Take salt and slightly season and with pepper as well to taste. (Don’t add too much salt it’s always recommendable to wait first)
  • The next step is to nestle the ham bone into a mixture of the soup. Allow the mixture heat up to a boiling state, then minimize to low. The next step is to Cover it and permit to simmer, occasionally stir the soup until peas, as well as ham, are tender for around sixty to eighty minutes.
  • Remove the harm from soup and permit ten minutes then dice the portion of the meat into pieces and cover.
  • In the meantime, add carrots into the soup and cover.
  • Proceed to simmer and occasionally stir until the peas have Brocken down for around thirty minutes.
  • Stir the ham into the soup seasoning it with some more salt as per your need.

Serve the warm garnished accompanied parsley.

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