Zucchini Baked Chips-Ways to Prepare

You are going to love this amazing recipe from today if you haven’t come across zucchini baked chips yet. It’s crispy and irresistible and they are easy to make. They are oven-baked zucchini chips to the perfection of crisp. I like joking around with ingredients in my kitchen because I believe I am not smart yet when it comes to food staff. I am not a hero yet. In my kitchen, today lets are creative with zucchini sliced and baked clips.

So much you can do with zucchini.

  1. Make some meatballs that are moist ever after shredding them up.
  2. You can spiral them and make a stir fry.

Basically, in this recipe, you just need zucchini and oil and seasoning and that is all. Sometimes there may be a question on what to do with all the baked Zucchini when its season arrives but I would say that they are lightly crispy and incredibly easy to make. Ooh! I forgot they are also paleo-friendly. During my paleo-challenge, I made this zucchini because they are paleo-friendly to eat chips without carbs. It’s fun huh. It is fun you know, I would even highly suggest if you have skills with a knife then more power for you.

Let’s first dive into the kitchen and have our zucchini ready.

Zucchini Baked Chips How To Prepare At Home Yourself


  • One large zucchini
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  • kosher salt


  • Your oven should be preheated up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. With the paper of parchment Line, a large baking sheets and they should be two.
  • On a mandolin slice zucchini. I used 1, 2, or 3 for thickness and I preferred two.
  • Place your Zucchini on a towel paper sheet and get a paper towel sheet as well as the sandwich, slices of zucchini, and press on them. It will assist to remove out the liquid to cook faster.
  • On the prepared baking sheet line up the zucchini slices together tightly in a straight line ensuring not to overlap them.
  • In a small bowl pour your olive oil in and utilize your pastry brush for brushing on every zucchini slice with olive oil.
  • Throughout the zucchini sprinkle the salt. Ensure not to over season, as a matter of fact, it is even better to utilize less salt. This is because your slices will end up shrinking; so if you overseas, it will be way too salty. You can always add more later.
  • bake zucchini for two hours until they begin to turn brown and are not soggy but crisp
  • allow them cool before removing them and serving
  • Keep them in an airtight container around three days.

That is how easy and first to bake zucchini just enjoy and have fun baking even more.

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